Instant & Delayed Karma

It’s time for a change of genre! 

I’ve known it for a while, but I fought it, mainly because I live off of my juvenile fiction income and because, well, change is hard sometimes. But it’s definitely time, and so I’m taking the risk of being broke and homeless, and changing. And I’m excited about it!

So goodbye, juvenile fiction. *waves*

Hello… screenplays, novels, non-fiction… who knows where the inspiration will lead??? *shrugs*

If you want to help me make the switch – feel free to commit $1 or more a month on my Patreon page. Honestly, it’s a risk. You may be better off just throwing your $1 or whatever in the garbage every month… but if I succeed, your money will help me create work of value, because my number one priority in my writing is to create work that builds strength and compassion and kindness.

Your Instant Karma will be the prizes on the Patreon site.

Your Delayed Karma – if I eventually get rich from my writing, I will pay you back, times TEN! It’s a promise, and I always, always, always keep my promises!

If you want to know the quality of my work first, check out my two free e-books online: Winter of the Crystal Dances and Dark Fire. They’re both juvenile fiction, but they’ll give you an idea of why I’ve been called “one of the best writers of modern pony books around.”

I believe I can take those skills to a new genre. If you believe the same, join me on this journey!

Many thanks to those who have already come aboard! You’re my heroes!