I’ve started a new script – RUTHLESS. I’ll put the logline and other info here when the story is more advanced.


In the meantime, read about HOLY COYOTE, a comedy/action that can be either live action or animation!


For the immortal, shapeshifting trickster Coyote, being in human form has its down side. First, his frustrated fellow Supernaturals put him on trial. Coyote has always made mischief, but lately he’s been pure trouble.

Second, bank robbers are after him – just because he pinched their stolen money

Third, when he hides out at a meditation retreat, spiritual seekers mistake him for a guru. HOLY COYOTE!

But Coyote has a secret. Six months earlier, he discovered that he has a grown daughter, the meek retreat leader. He wants to help her make a success of her new business – with the bank’s stolen money.

Unfortunately, the bank robbers don’t appreciate his gesture, and kidnap her to get the money back, money that by this time the police have reclaimed. As if that’s not enough, his long-lost lover descends on him like a fiend from hell, and the Supernatural’s judgement comes in. No more super powers!

Mortal, friendless, powerless, Coyote must save both his daughter and his lover by his wits alone.


If you want to read the script, click here.