A Better Kind of Rich

This morning a random thought made my day delightful. I was sitting on the edge of the tub, washing my new (and first) tattoo, when a thought popped into my mind:

How can this moment be immeasurably rich?

Instantly, the warm water felt more luxurious. The blues in my forget-me-not heart tattoo looked as bright as pieces of the sky. As I massaged the tattoo in the way the artist had instructed, the gentle contact felt deeper, more rejuvenating.

It was an enlightening heart-warming feeling… so I asked myself the question more times as the day progressed.

Colors were brighter after the question. Food was more delicious. Not only that, but it gave me ideas. Once the question was answered with me suddenly remembering that I have a cappuccino mix in the very back of my coffee cupboard, that I’d literally forgotten about for years! I made some cappuccino, my first since I went to a coffee shop over a year ago, and thoroughly savored it as I remembered my last cappuccino with my grown daughter on a sunny day in Texas.

Another time, I realized that it would make the moment richer to take Copper (my half grown pup) out to play with his friend, and for half an hour, I soaked in their enjoyment and excitement and joie de vivre as they ran around and tussled.

Another effect has been this little bit of writing. I’m struggling with resistance to moving on as a novelist for adults, and the way that manifests is procrastinating on writing anything! So I asked myself: How can this moment be immeasurably rich?

The answer came. Show up to the page. So I opened a fresh Word document and started to type… and this little blog post poured out.

Now, feeling blessed, I will ask the question again. This is living the rich life.

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