A Fabulous Read!

Anthology 2I am so happy to announce that the 2015 Sooke Writers’ Collective anthology, Words and Imaginings, will soon be on shelves at various stores around Sooke, at the Sooke Thursday Night Market, and for those non-Sookites who may be interested, available online as well!

Nineteen writers are featured in the anthology, five of which are winners from our annual writing contest at the Edward Milne Secondary School. We truly enjoy encouraging these amazingly talented young writers, as well as making our own favourite creations available to readers!

On the down side, we’re a little short of immediate funds at the Sooke Writers’ Collective to cover the cash prizes for the winners, plus the advertising and printing – so if you’re planning to purchase a copy anyway, maybe buy one (or more) in advance. You can do so by clicking here – and thank you so much!

Most of all, please enjoy Words and Imaginings!

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