Change Your Thoughts…

…and you change your world. Three things have happened lately that have taught me more about choice.

First, I’ve had to do lots of thinking about it, because “change your thoughts, and you change your world” is the theme of the screenplay I’m currently writing. It has been enjoyable thinking!

Second, the Have-Do-Be argument (below) came from reading a book called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker. Though Mr. Eker’s book deals mainly in attitudes toward money, many of the principals can be turned to other things.

Nasa BridgeMost important of all, I read a Facebook post from my daughter, where she wrote:

“Eight months ago I drove over this, the NASA Bridge in Cape Canaveral, a Mars One candidate on her way to check out the Kennedy Space Center. Yesterday I sailed under it, a vagabond living on a boat on her way to the Bahamas. Oh life, what are you gonna come up with next?”

So, Have-Do-Be?

Like many, I used to think this was the proper order to accomplish things. If I have this, I can do that, and then I can be what I want to be. For example, if I had a boat, I could sail around the Caribbean, and be an adventurer.

The truth, however, is closer to be-do-have. If I am a certain way, I will act according to who I am, and then will have the results of those actions. If I accept that I’m an adventurer at heart, I’ll choose to combine my boating safety course with something new and different and take the course in Florida instead of at home. Because of that decision, other opportunities will arise, and I will make the choices right for me, knowing I am an adventurer, and at one point, I’ll be sailing the Caribbean.

Of course, she didn’t know what would happen when she signed up for that course. No way could she have guessed that trip would give her such opportunities. But she made the first and second steps. First, she recognized and accepted herself as an adventurer, and then she acted accordingly.

And that makes me ask: what can I achieve, what can any of us achieve, if we just accept who we know we are, and then act true to ourselves? Definitely, food for thought.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts especially when I realize that sometimes I’m not sure what I am! OK, gotta go think about that.

    • Now that’s the question at the core of it all. I asked myself the same, and though I expected Writer to pop out, it didn’t seem the right fit. I realized that I am an Artist, which includes the literary arts, of course.

      I’ve found it interesting that since starting to adopt this mindset, I sketch and doodle a lot more, compose drawings in my head and on paper, plus have even watched videos and read how-to books on watercolour… so my experience so far is that the principle is true: when I focus on who I am, what I do changes. It’s kind of cool; a very personal adventure.

  2. Hi Nita.

    No, the original idea comes from a book on money and finance, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker. The book deals mainly in attitudes toward money, but as I read it, I realized that the Be-Do-Have philosophy could be turned toward other aspects of life as well. 🙂

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