Freedom Audiobook Series

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“Great Story! A heartfelt yet somewhat spooky story. I always enjoy a wonderful horse story, but with the added mystery it makes it even better. Moments of sadness, anger and love this book has it all. Aven Shore absolutely brought these characters to life. Her voice was a perfect fit for this book. Well done!! This is book 1 and can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this book!” ~ Sisters Spotlight

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“You are never too old to enjoy a great story. This book is listed for any age reader 9 years and older. It catches and keeps your attention from start to end. There is suspense, danger, several misconceptions, a little bit of the paranormal, and love. The story kept my attention until the end. I listened to the audible version which was narrated by Aven Shore. She did a wonderful job of making the voices sound like the various characters.”

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BONUS: I have some free download codes for ECHO in the US and UK, plus a few download codes for FREEDOM in the UK. Just write to me HERE and I’ll happily send you one in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!