If you like the concepts of any of my completed scripts (outlined below), I am happy to send them to you! Please contact me here. 

A HORSE CALLED FREEDOM is based on my book, which was released by two publishers in nine languages and numerous countries around the world, and has sold 200,000 copies to date. It is now being published by my own backlist company, and all rights are available.

Logline: An insecure, socially inept foster kid alienates her last-chance family as she tries to free the violent, trapped spirit of an abused mustang.

A Brief Synopsis:

Young girl finds the horse of her dreams… NOT! More like the horse of her nightmares!

It’s Flicka meets Ghostbusters.

Jani isn’t a typical 13-year-old girl; she’s an orphan on her way to her last-chance foster home. After an unimpressive start, everything goes seriously sideways when she’s attacked by a vicious horse in the neighbor’s barn.

But the horse isn’t typical either; it’s not even alive.

Jani sets out to free the raging spirit before it hurts anyone but is soon targeted by the man who trapped the ghost. Even though Jani’s not having any luck freeing the dangerous spirit, still her nemesis threatens to harm her and damage her relationship with her new family.

Jani can either leave the ghost mustang to forever be tormented or lose her last chance at a family and possibly her life!


INFATUATION, an original, female-led (both protagonist and antagonist), contemporary Thriller/Drama.

Logline: Seventeen-year-old Emmie pretends to be kidnapped with the guy she likes, hoping he’ll learn to like her back – but the kidnapper, Emmie’s new friend, is actually kidnapping her too.

A Brief Synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Emmie believes her new friend, Tass, is giving her alone time with the boy she likes – until Tass viciously kidnaps him.

Coerced into pretending to be kidnapped with him, Emmie soon realizes the key Tass gave her to escape is useless. Emmie just volunteered for her own kidnapping!

Locked in their isolated cabin, the boy gets sick, and when Emmie tries to get help, he realizes she is involved and attacks her.

Now Emmie must evade the boy by escaping their prison with him half a step behind her, raging, suffering from drug withdrawal, and bent on revenge.

Then Tass returns to eliminate all witnesses to her crime.


HOLY COYOTE, a unique comedy/action script.

Logline: Despite being put on trial by his supernatural peers, Coyote – the selfish, shapeshifting trickster of legend – steals money from bank robbers, then poses as a spiritual guru to escape the criminals and police chasing him.

A Brief Synopsis:

For the immortal, shapeshifting trickster Coyote, being in human form has its down side. First, his frustrated fellow Supernaturals put him on trial. Coyote has always made mischief, but lately he’s been pure trouble.

Second, bank robbers are after him – just because he pinched their stolen money.

Third, when he hides out at a meditation retreat, spiritual seekers mistake him for a guru. HOLY COYOTE!

But Coyote has a secret. Six months earlier, he discovered that he has a daughter, the meek retreat leader. He wants to help her make a success of her new business – with the bank’s stolen money.

Unfortunately, the bank robbers don’t appreciate his fatherly gesture, and kidnap her to get the money back, money that by this time, the police have reclaimed. As if that’s not enough, his long-lost lover descends on him like a fiend from hell, and the Supernaturals’ judgement comes in. No more super powers!

Mortal, friendless, powerless, Coyote must save both his daughter and his former lover by his wits alone.