The Eve of a Finished Novel

There’s no feeling like it: reading over the words one last time, knowing that in a few hours our book will be sent to a waiting publisher.

I feel tense as the action mounts, as the characters get deeper in trouble, as the situation becomes dire, more dangerous, more hopeless. And then, our twin heroes dig deep, and out of the cores of their own beings, call forth true strength and power, not only finding a way to save themselves, but doing so without putting other innocents in danger. Finally free (or so they think, because this is a series and there are nine books to go!), Luna and Sola ride off into the sunset, recommitted to each other and determined to make a peaceful life for themselves somewhere.

I smile and feel the glow inside; it’s a story well told – and it’s all Marina’s (my co-writer) and mine. Very soon we’ll share it with the publisher, editors, translators, illustrators, and finally with our wonderful readers – but for these last few precious hours, Ruler of Shadows is our little jewel, beautiful, untouched, flawed.  🙂  All ours.

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  1. Congrats on creating your jewel or maybe I should say “another jewel”.

    As wonderful as those words look on the page to others, no one can see the blood, sweat and tears that go into writing – the doubt, the editing, re-editing, the wondering if you made the right decision (every time you made one!) That part of the story (the back story?) is all yours. The rest of the world gets to see the finished piece and be part of a story for a little while. You have lived the story in all its incarnations and it is part of you, part of your essence as a writer – the experience feeds and “grows” your writing self.


    • Thank you for understanding, Deb. Each creation is so special to us, isn’t it? Every story or poem or even article I’ve written, whether published or not, has been one I’ve connected to on some deeper level. That is a lot of the true reward of writing, feeling that connection.

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