The History of ‘FREEDOM’

FREEDOM has a history.

It’s the first book I wrote.

It’s the story that taught me to write; I felt so strongly about it that I rewrote it over and over and over, for years, until I learned the skills.

It had almost 100 rejections before being published.

It was published by three different publishers: Stabenfeldt, Scholastic, and now, Enchanted Pony Books.

It has been translated into nine languages and distributed in many countries around the world as a hardcover.

It has sold more than 200,000 copies, not counting eBooks.

It inspired two additional books, and both will be released in 2020 by Enchanted Pony BooksECHO and WHISPER.

It inspired a screenplay. The script for FREEDOM is currently looking for a production company to call home.

The audiobook is coming out in 2019.

Sometimes it blows my mind what one story can do.

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