Literary Works

Coming Sometime – Upon Our Shores

I’ve had short stories and poems published in Room, On Spec, and other literary journals, and am currently putting them together a collection, titled UPON OUR SHORES. I’m not sure on when I’ll get it all done, but when it’s ready, I’ll put it in my newsletter. Feel free to sign up HERE if you want a notification (plus info about some awesome books and audiobooks, plus great deals ).

In the meantime, here’s a peek of the cover. The design was done by award-winning artist, Elaine Miller. If you have an Instagram account, you can see her work HERE under emillerart.

Her cover design features the Annie Tuck, a boat built by my great-grandfather and named after my grandmother.

I chose an image of the Annie Tuck for two reasons. First, to honor the history of my family; so many of them sailors and adventurers, both the men and women. I’m currently writing the biography of my parents and am astounded by some of the tales they have to tell, plus the stories written by my grandmother, Mickey Dorsey, who was Annie Tuck as a child.

Second, because so many of my creations seem to be associated with water, whether it be ocean or river or a “stream” of swirling stars, a seafaring vessel seemed fitting. Nature plays a big role in many of my creations and in my life, and one lone boat on the vast ocean – in this case, an ocean of words – is an apt metaphor for many of my stories and poems.

I will be very proud to present these literary poems and short stories, plus a few new ones that haven’t been published yet – once I have the time to collect and format them.