Angela Dorsey Screenwriter Novelist WriterWriting is one of my main things. I love it, and that’s shown in the variety of published work I have out there. True to form, I’m now getting into yet a new genre, Women’s Fiction. Coming to an online store near you in 2021, SUMMER GOES NORTH. More info soon!

Other than that, I have 34 juvenile novels (some not published in English yet), a number of screenplays (though only two for sale right now), audiobooks, poetry and short stories, articles, a non-fiction book for kids,  plus I do professional editing work for a select group of authors, some who are USA Today bestselling authors. It may seem like a lot but I’ve been writing for more than 20 years, so I’ve had time.

Throughout it all, I’ve done my best to make a positive difference in the world through encouraging others to find their personal power, whether they be my readers or the extremely talented authors that I work with.

For years, my motto was an old Japanese proverb: “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” I needed the bolstering while setting up a viable writing/editing/publishing career. Anyone who has tried any of those things will know it’s not easy.

A while ago, I switched to a new one, one I made up myself: “Believe. Create. Inspire.” First, believe I can do it, then create it, and finally, allow that creation to inspire both myself and others! If you want to come on the journey with me, sign up for my Newsletter HERE – and get a free juvenile novel in the process.

Happy Reading!