If you ever wondered what happened to Freedom...

ECHO is now available as an ebook!


Echo second in the freedom series by Angela Dorsey


Alice’s best friend has become horse crazy—just as Alice realizes she’s afraid of horses! Terrified of losing her friend, Alice is relieved to meet Freedom, Jani’s young horse. She hopes that being around a foal will help her be around big horses.

That night, Alice is in a terrible accident. Half the town goes out searching for her, and Jani and Penny join the horseback hunt.

But how can they find Alice when Freedom runs off on wild goose chases? The young filly’s strange history might mean she knows more than the average horse. Maybe she’s on Alice’s trail. But she might also be reacting to echoes from her past.

Then Jani finds out about Alice’s illness—and knows she has to take a chance.


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