Whinnies on the Wind Audiobook Series

Top 5 on Free Kindle Children’s Horse Books for years, this beloved story is now available as an Audiobook!

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Evy can telepathically understand horses, but she’s not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. Her secret “gift” certainly seems to get her in a lot of trouble.

When some starving mustangs wander close to the wilderness cabin that she shares with her hermit mother she knows she must help them.

Her act of kindness quickly snowballs into a series of events that forever changes her life and the life of a very special mustang filly.

Reviews for the book and ebook (I’d love to replace them with reviews for the audiobook, if you feel so inclined!):

“Fantastic story in every way. I adored the characters and the setting and the adventure . . . and couldn’t turn pages fast enough.” ~ Ev Bishop, Author

“From one of the best writers of modern pony books around. Angela Dorsey gives us a traditional old fashioned story of the love of a girl for a wild horse with an interesting and intriguing modern twist, and just a dash of mystery. Animal loving children of all ages will enjoy the story, whilst parents can be happy in the knowledge that the important values of empathy and integrity are being upheld. This story explores an important issue – that of animal and human interaction and communication – whilst still delivering a page-turning story. Not an easy feat, but something this author is adept at. The book can be enjoyed at many levels and will keep the interest of a wide range of age groups, including adults. 4-5 HORSESHOES: VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT.” ~ Pony Mad Book Lovers

“The whole series is an interesting look at a shifting pattern of conflict; and not only is it very well done, the whole makes a rattling good story. I whipped through the three books I have, thoroughly enjoying them all. The plots are exciting, and the characters are completely believable. If you’re after an involving read with an exotic (to someone sitting in the middle of England) background, you couldn’t do better than these.” ~ Books&Mud Blog

“Winter of the Crystal Dances shows how a young girl has to decide between her love for a horse – and the desire to keep it – and the need to release it back into the wild to its family. The first in the Whinnies on the Wind series, this book is an interesting read and sure to draw the imagination of pre-teens and early teens. It’s a great start to the series.” ~ Equus blog


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